Tips From Experienced Developers to Find the Best Freelance WordPress Jobs

I started with extensive research on freelance markets. After reading lots of blogs and articles, I first decided to focus on two places: Upwork and Hired. I found out that Upwork charges 20% for the first $500 invoice with the client and Hired charges 15% of your base salary for the first year. But I switched to a free option like Hubstaff Talent. The newest freelance  Thailand WhatsApp Number List website to hit the market at no cost and no markup. The next step was to create my personal brand. I decided to use social media to build my brand and my personal and professional network. First, I went to LinkedIn (the de facto network for professionals of all kinds). I updated my profile and added information that put my WordPress skills and experience in the spotlight. My next platform was Facebook. Tips From Experienced Developers to Find the Best Freelance WordPress Jobs.

Why Successful WordPress Freelancers Don’t Say YES to Every Project

I replicated my LinkedIn profile on Facebook, then joined several WordPress groups and meetups to increase my networking. Eventually, I started using Twitter and Quora, two places frequented by clients looking for freelance WordPress developers. I also started participating in open source WordPress projects to increase my visibility in the community. During my research, I discovered that the bulk of WordPress freelance jobs are either developing or administering WordPress websites. I spent a lot of time chatting with industry friends, hiring managers, and WordPress experts to really understand the dynamics of the freelance WordPress job market. Tips From Experienced Developers to Find the Best Freelance WordPress Jobs.

How to hire WordPress developers for your agency

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I decided to take only four types of WordPress jobs at first. These four main WordPress job categories included development, migration, support, and affiliate marketing. During my research, I discovered that many clients have no clear idea of ​​what they really want from their WordPress websites. This is where my expertise in customer relations really helps me. The majority of freelance WordPress jobs involved customizing themes and plugins for WordPress websites. This is a huge category that involves both major and minor code editing and production tasks. In essence, I had the opportunity to work with some really good (and bad) code and developers. WordPress support tasks mainly included migrating WordPress websites to new hosts and platforms.

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