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The internet exists in the cloud and our connection to it is often invisible. It is therefore difficult to imagine that a completely virtual thing has an impact on the real world. In this article, I explain what you should pay attention to if you want to make your website more sustainable. Many of these tips are applicable for starting entrepreneurs, but even if you have an Italy Phone Number existing website you can apply many tips well. The data that we request, exchange, and store every day can be found in data centers. These data centers consume a lot of power and space. Did you know that the internet is responsible for 3.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions? That may not sound like much, but it equates to the greenhouse gas emissions of the aviation industry.


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Especially now that the IPCC report is out, we are faced with alarming facts. We need to be more aware of our choices in order to pass on a healthy planet to the next generation. How you deal with internet use is part of that and making your website more sustainable is a good start. If everyone takes small steps, we can make big changes together. Choose green hosting Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit and eliminate the total emissions of having your website around. You do this by choosing a hosting provider that uses green energy. Pay close attention to whether the data centers where your website is hosted have energy effectiveness usage certification, and therefore meet the strictest European environmental requirements.

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Switch to dark mode Did you know that dark mode is not only calmer for your eyes, but also a lot more energy-efficient? Loading a black pixel on modern devices saves a lot of energy compared to the traditional white screen. The battery of your device also runs out less quickly. Does a dark mode not match your branding? Engage a skilled designer to convert it effortlessly. dark mode google, website 3. Customize the design You can also make the design of your website more sustainable. The more complicated your web design, the more energy it takes to load your website. In the case of a sustainable website, the simpler, the better. Avoid large files such as videos and complicated animations as much as possible.

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