To Do This, You Have to Be Explicit and Offer the Information

Ad rank for that keyword. Quality score range 1-10 google uses a range of 1-10 to determine the quality score of the ad associated with a word. Everyone wants to get a 10 but not everyone can and not all words support it. Generally, when a new keyword Portugal Phone Number List is added, google automatically assigns it an initial quality score of 6 . Do not get excited! From this score, a combination of factors will determine whether that initial score will go down or up. The quality level depends, above all, on the type of keyword and a quality-keywords relationship. 7-9 commercial keywords. To Do This You Have to Be Explicit and Offer the Information

Low Intent Keywords

Those that can be consider informative and navigational with a value of 7. Previously we have named a “combination of factors” that together with the keyword generates the quality level score… But how is the quality score calculate? Calculation of the quality score is calculate in real time. Each, time a keyword matches a search query and has the potential to trigger an ad.

For its calculation, a series of very interesting factors is used. Which, is more than convenient to know for its correct optimization.  It’s, shown (impressions). Each ad and keyword has its own ctr linked to your campaigns. This value is the most important component of the quality score because it indicates which ads are most relevant to users .

The Relationship of the Keyword


Google takes into account all your history when determining the ctr. Therefore, the modification and update of ads is taken into account to calculate the quality score. The more relevance of the keyword in the ad group the more relevance. The, search term has with the ad in relation to the keyword used. The, ctr index will be much better .

Landing page quality the web page to which the ad leads must be of sufficient quality. Google points out that the three main components of a quality. Website, are: relevant and original content, transparency and user experience:-relevant and original content. The link to the page on your site should provide the most useful information about the product or service in your ad. Unique content is one that cannot be found anywhere else.

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