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The future is partly determined by trends, but mainly consists of many uncertainties. By combining the India Phone Number most important uncertainties and developing scenarios based on this, possible world views are created. In this article I will elaborate on this. Also read: More sustainable online shopping? Tips for entrepreneurs and consumers Who is the consumer of the future? Today’s teenagers (GenZ or Zoomers) are the young professionals and young parents of 2030. Together with the millennials, the Zoomers will make up 42% of the Dutch population in 2030, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands . In addition, the current over-55s are the over-65s of the next decade, the so-called Silver surfers. In the lives of all these generations, technology plays an increasingly important role in making purchases.

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Millennials, and certainly Zoomers, have largely grown up with e-commerce. They have quickly adopted the conveniences that this entails in the India Phone Number past. The Silver surfers have become even more acquaint with online shopping due to Covid-19. There are fewer and fewer people who are not at all comfortable with digital  shopping. Despite this, the needs of each generation are quite different. Younger generations have grown up with online shopping, which gives them confidence in making online purchases. They are mainly concerned with having a positive impact on the world and also assess organizations on this. Many of the Silver surfers have started shopping online because of corona.

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They also think it is important that the world is left behind for their (grand)children. But they struggle even more with the lack of confidence they have in online shopping. Shopping online The me and the we customer As a India Phone Number retailer you want to be as relevant as possible to customers. At the same time, you have to deal with enormously differing wishes from potential target groups, even within the same generation. In the book Shopping 2030: decisiveness required in a decade full of change, we speak in this context of the ‘I-customer and the we-customer’. The we customer The we-customer is super aware and concerned with the social interest.

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