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Carlijn’s tips come from the television world but are applicable to all types of content. From infographic and LinkedIn post to your own website Key Performance Illusions Discover the ‘dark side’ of performance management – ​​Author: Coen de Bruijn Chile Phone Number Key Performance Illusions – Discover the ‘dark side’ of performance management – Author: Coen de Bruijn Millions of KPIs are developed every day to analyze the performance of organizations. Coen de Bruijn shows us that KPIs are often irrelevant, misused or worse: encouraging wrong behavior.

Prospects And Leads With

Sometimes they are even deployed in such a way that the performance looks better than it actually is. Gerard Rathenau KPIs are something very hip for many online marketers, but they also have their downsides. Coen describes this very well in his book. In addition, he shows step-by-step how to set up KPIs. I think it is no superfluous luxury for every online marketer to understand this process!” Also read: Want to get better at your job? These 8 books will help you How to Become a Productivity Ninja Less Stress, More Achievement, More Fun Author Graham Allcott Productivity Ninja Cover  Stress Less Achieve More, Have More Fun – Author.


And Leads With

Graham Allcott In addition to the books ‘Indistractable’ and ‘Unleash your brain’, this is the third (and final) book on this list about working smarter. This book focuses on developing your own ninja style. You do this with techniques such as ruthlessness, self-awareness, camouflage and agility. Work with your full attention beat procrastination, and learn not to work harder, but smarter. Personally, ‘productivity ninja’ falls into the list of ‘itchy words’ for me which might make me dismiss it too quickly), but Thomas Lapperre says: “This is an absolute must for every home worker, entrepreneur, and manager. I have benefited a lot from it. Biggest insight: as an entrepreneur, you are your own employer and employee.

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