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For example, mattress manufacturer Auping links the (practical) purchase of a mattress to moments in the bedroom. “Where you are comforted when your heart is broken. And where you celebrate life.” Fill in how! Another idea: make a statement that goes against the prevailing views. Or opt for a provocative question or controversial image. Which (older) reader does not remember the election poster of the Pacifist Socialist Party (PSP) ? The party no longer exists, but the photo of the naked woman in the meadow became the image of the 1970s. 9. Catch up on current affairs Do you find it difficult to come up with an exciting angle for a dry subject? Use current events as a source of inspiration.

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As an insurance company, for example, you can take advantage of the damage caused by storm Eunice. And IT companies can create a lot of content about hacks and data leaks. Exciting and relevant. 10. Make it personal The pension system is changing. But what Chile Phone Number exactly does it mean for the normal Dutch person? Write that down. And stay away from long articles with facts, figures and product features. Instead, make your story personal . Interview a customer and add personal anecdotes. So that your potential customer can identify with your content.

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But don’t write too much about yourself A personal perspective does not have to be your perspective. In fact, it is preferable not to tell too much about yourself as an organization. That quickly gives the impression of self-promotion. Moreover, an outsider can often describe much better how valuable your (complicated) work is than you can yourself. 12. Tease your reader (in moderation) Save the answer to a question you ask at the beginning for the end. Note: this does not work for every brand. You don’t want to seem too funny either. Or start very randomly about bananas if you actually want to convey a message about blockchain.

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