Top 10 Best Sites to Download Icons and Apply on Your Project

n the world of technology, icons are used for all tasks. The number of icons we see every day is amazing. They are a very convenient and visual way to help people understand your content. Design becomes the core of the web, and digital assets like icons are the most influential in the project.

Icons are pictograms or ideographs that help users better understand the content . Icons are popular on the modern web and are the most eye-catching part of graphic design.

Today, Icons Play a Major Role in Website Design. 

Today, every designer needs an icon to design their website and application. It is important not only for designing websites and apps, but also for designing pamphlets, posters, pamphlets, leaflets, infographics, etc. Icons can enhance the aesthetics of your site and improve the user experience.


The world of design is evolving so fast that people can’t find enough time to create their own designs. As a result, many websites have begun to offer both free and premium icons in recent years. Most people are also accustomed to downloading the available icons from websites instead of creating new designs. Also, many websites offer additional premium pricing icons when you subscribe to a premium membership plan. Philippines Photo Editor 

Philippines Photo Editor

The Freely Available Icons Are Unique and Are Available

in a variety of formats including SVG, PSD, PNG and EPS formats. To speed up your search time for the best icon websites, we have listed below the top 10 best icons you can find and download. Here is the list,

Flaticon produces over 60,000 icons each month. Icon also provides extensions such as Pattern Generator, Adobe, and Font-Face Generator. At Flaticon, anyone can be a contributor and make money with their work. Flaticon offers both free and premium plan icons. Both the free icon and the premium plan icon are available in Iconfinder. Users can roll over unused icon downloads in the next subscription month. It gives you a 30% discount for your first month subscription plan.

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