Top 20 Uk WordPress Influencers 2017

The very vibrant community behind WordPress is perhaps its greatest strength. This community includes developers, marketers, and enthusiasts who, regardless of skills and abilities, work together to improve the WordPress platform. Influencers are the pillars of this charming community. These mentors guide developers on the development of the WordPress platform, and they are the reason the spirit of the platform is alive. Top 20 Uk WordPress Influencers 2017

Young professionals Iceland Phone Number List looking to get start with WordPress should follow these influencers for inspiration. Then top 20 UK WordPress Influencers Here is my list of the top 20 UK WordPress influencers that every WordPress enthusiast should follow. mike small Gary Jones Ben Gillbanks Elizabeth Jamieson Scott Finlayson Surah Sodha Brin Wilson Mike Jolly Tammie Lister Peter. Top 20 Uk WordPress Influencers 2017

 Young professionals looking to get start

Mike Little is one of the co-founders of WordPress and obviously a WordPress geek. He is the founder and director of and has reached several milestones in his professional career. He works as a strategic technology advisor and is also a member of MadLab’s advisory board. Besides WordPress, Mike is interested in anything related to web development.

Twitter: Mike Little LinkedIn: Mike Little Gary Jones Gary Jones Gary is a WordPress engineer at Gamajo. He is a code consultant and is a key contributor to the Genesis framework. First thing to remember Gary has created many WordPress plugins and themes for his clients including Siteground, Yoast, Rolls Royce, etc. First, he is an industry veteran with approximately 10 years of industry experience. He is well versed in WordPress, CSS and related web development technologies.

The most influential person always stays at the top

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Twitter: Gary Jones LinkedIn: Gary Jones Ben Gillbanks Ben is the owner of Pro Theme Design, a premium WordPress theme website. Ben is a WordPress geek and developer. He previously worked as Web Development Director at Miniclips. Ben has been in the industry for over ten years and has a variety of interests that include WordPress (obviously!), gaming, UI/UX and web development.

Twitter: Ben Gillbanks LinkedIn: Ben Gillbanks Elizabeth Jamieson Elizabeth Jameson Elizabeth is a WordPress geek specializing in WordPress development. She is currently working at the Genesis Club as a director.  Must be remember Elizabeth has been in the industry for over 15 years and has worked in various disciplines including web development, SEO, web design, online advertising, and more.

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