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The worldwide, multimedia campaign was also successful on social media. It was a perfect answer to critical reports about (fast food) foods that had an unnaturally long shelf life. An answer for which Burger King practically needed no words. With its strong visual trigger, the (relatively long) video managed to score unprecedented figures on social Oman Phone Number media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. 3. Deepen, filter, and divide But back to the content: the story itself. Because what are we going to say now? It will come as no surprise that we are not going to set out a 5-part book series in a Facebook or Instagram post. No, this is where the art of dividing and filtering comes.

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For example, Burger King could easily have highlighted many aspects of their policy on artificial additives and more natural products; as a brand, you quickly want to say too much. But Burger King managed to reduce their story to its core, so short, sweet, and obvious that it became genius. The overarching story is often a given. Whether this is an all-encompassing brand storyis or a piece of storytelling that you want to link to a specific campaign message. But to get the story across in social media posts, we’re going to have to split the case. The number of elements you are left with depends on the complexity of your message. Good preliminary research is therefore not an unnecessary luxury.


Terms Of Team

Get your grip on the story and the context, make it your own. Then you can divide the story. First in chapters, then in paragraphs, and in the end, you prefer to have a paragraph. You put the core of it in a nice post that you can share with your audience. In this way, all individual paragraphs (posts) will eventually add up neatly to the story with which you wanted to conquer your audience. Now it seems a bit far-fetched to get your audience along with paragraph by paragraph. In some cases, this is also the case. Often there is quite a bit of room to combine and fortunately, not everything is as black and white as this book analogy. But still, when it comes to marketing, you want to avoid throwing too many balls at the consumer. Especially on social media, where they are already being pelted from all sides.

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