Turn Brandwen Into Sparkling Online Content

let me guess… You are really smart. You know your stuff. And you have to shine in your eyes when you talk about your favorite subjects. However, your writing doesn’t like your voice. In all. No matter how hard you try, you’ll have a hard time finding the right words. You change the word another – now your sentence sounds lame. You try another word. This is worse. You’re not a boring old foie, so why do dull sentences creep into your content? You know your writing should be more familiar . But how? It may seem difficult to write content that appeals and allures . But it really doesn’t have to be that hard. Let’s take a look at this three-step process for turning boring (yawning) sentences into sparkling content. Prepare? Step 1: Get rid of that oh-so-dull corporate voice No one wants to speak with an automated machine.

Undulating Sentences Are Hard to Pull Off

Christmas presents for his wife, or check out the latest Hummingbird advice while panicking about traffic to his website . Average 14 words per sentence for readability purposes…unless you want to sound like a learned scholar. Don’t make all sentences the same length either. This is monotonous. Add a one-word sentence or a two-word paragraph to Afghanistan Phone Number List make your reader feel like she’s gliding through your text effortlessly. Like this. look? If your sentences are longer than the average of 14 words, look for sentences that can be cut through both. Words like and , but still, as often foreshadowing where you can chop a sentence. The passive voice is boring. Imagine you just

Dazzle your audience with words of feeling and emotion​​​

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They just take up space. They are fillers. This is true for landing pages , blogs, email businesses, and any other type of writing. Your job as a writer is to touch your readers. Tick ​​them with your words. Dazzle them with your writing. When your words sketch scenes are so vivid in your readers’ photos, experience and feel the content of your words can only become riveting. Feeling words make your content more powerful and memorable because they help readers get a feel for your perspective. Research shows that when you read a word with texture – as smooth or rough , slimy or rough – your brain activates touch-related areas. The same is true for words that appeal to other senses, thereby

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