It Soon Turned Out To Be A Golden Idea

If you continuously inspire your customers, the next step is to reach your brand. Of course, this model feels familiar to the real marketers. But I am convinced: if you let this mindset sink in for a while before you make a choice for your marketing euro. You have a mindset that can make the difference right now. Do you also have nice examples? Share them in Paraguay Phone Number the comments, I’m curious!How can you let international students experience the atmosphere at a university? We chose to have 5 prospective students from our European target countries come to Eindhoven for a fully catered visit to our university.

Turned Out To Be A Golden Idea

This way they could get to know the atmosphere, the campus, our students, and our city. It may sound strange in this period, but for many students there are no boundaries anymore. They are not tied to a particular region for their study choic. They choose a study program based on the content, the future possibilities or the reputation of a university. Even if that means that they have to move abroad at a relatively young age. International recruitment For us, as Eindhoven University of Technology , this means that student recruitment has also become much more international in recent years.


To Be A Golden Idea

We visited trade fairs abroad, saw more and more international visitors at our Open Days, have been organizing a Webinar Month for a number of years now, and so on. But no matter how well we reach that international target group, and how well we can provide them with information, there will always be a part of the selection process that is difficult for them to experience: the atmosphere on our campus. A Dutch prospective student can visit our university more quickly and easily, experience the atmosphere and feel for himself whether there is a match. That was and is not an option for a large part of our international target group.

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