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Cost structure: what are the biggest costs of Lithuania Phone Number your startup? Why are these cost items of add value for your business model? Are they ‘quick income-relat expenses’, ‘necessary expenses’ or ‘non-necessary expenses’? Financing strategy: how are the startup’s activities currently financ What agreements have  with the financiers? Create problem analysis startup. Step 4. Describe your startup’s new business model Sudden  Lithuania Phone Number economic developments. Such as the corona crisis, require a flexible attitude towards your business model. Although you probably fully support your current business model.

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During the corona crisis. The way in  Lithuania Phone Number which your customers make decisions and set priorities  temporarily completely different from what you are usto. The way in which your customers make decisions and set priorities is temporarily Lithuania Phone Number completely different Lithuania Phone Number from what you are us to. In order to survive the corona crisis, you will have to (temporarily) adapt your old business model to this. You can use the same ‘startup model canvas’ to Lithuania Phone Number describe the new model. However, the questions you should ask yourself are different: Customers: which customers will continue to purchase the products.

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Business model? Which new customer Lithuania Phone Number groups (for example because of the corona crisis, which also offers opportunities) are also interest in your current solutions? Which new customer groups (for example those that have been hit hard by Lithuania Phone Number the corona crisis) are willing to pay quickly for your knowledge and experience? Problem/ne which acute problems are your existing customers currently facing, for example as a result of the corona  Lithuania Phone Number crisis? How can you use your knowledge and experience to solve this problem? Solutionconcrete solution can you offer customers to solve their acute proble.

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