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Unique value proposition: with which message do you Lebanon Phone Number convince your customers to choose your solution? Keep in mind that in this day and age existing customers, like you. Are trying to keep costs as low as possible. A clear and compelling value proposition Lebanon Phone Number is crucial to getting a foot in the door. Touchpoints with customers: at what times and through which channels do you want to be in contact with your (potential) customers? Core competencies: which Lebanon Phone Number core competitions does your startup currently have to offer the solution(s)? Core capabilities: which activities can you perform yourself.

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Perform yourself In this financially uncertain Lebanon Phone Number time, it is wise to keep as much in- house as possible . But in some cases this is simply not possible. Organization: who from your current core team do you all need to be able to offer the solution? There Lebanon Phone Number is a good chance that you will have to (temporarily) say goodbye to some people from your core team. Think, for example, of terminating contracts with external consultants. Suppliers and strategic Lebanon Phone Number partners: which suppliers and strategic partners do you need as a minimum to be able to offer your solution to your customers? It is now more important than ever to take a critical.

Lebanon Phone Number

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Touchpoints Lebanon Phone Number with suppliers: at what times and through which channels do you want to be in touch with your suppliers and strategic partners? Earning model: which current sources of income are still Lebanon Phone Number current in your new business model? And which new sources of income are new? What is the size of each of the sources of income? Cost structure: what new costs do you have to incur to be able to offer the  Lebanon Phone Number profitable solutions? And what is the size of those costs? It is important to turn every euro three times. Which costs are really necessary at the moment and what can wait? Financing strategy.

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