The project use 19 key Mexico Phone Number points to analyze the project management process

The more common practice is to let the product manager take charge of the project. This  phenomenon is also intuitively reflected in the product manager JD of each recruitment website.According to the stage of the software, Mexico Phone Number software attributes and other factors, a software project will derive a variety of project scenarios.

Project demands in different scenarios are also different. First, you need to understand and confirm what the project is going to do. for example:

When confirming the project requirements, the project objectives should also be confirmed simultaneously. We cannot guarantee that the goals we deduce ourselves are what the customers want. Some projects value quality, some projects need to be launched quickly, and some projects need lower cost…

The project with the leaders

Self-developed product launch: It is usually a project launched based on the company’s strategic planning. It is necessary to understand the ins and outs of the project with the leaders, so as to clarify the project requirements.Regular product iteration: usually consists of the product manager selecting higher-

priority requirements from the requirements pool according to the current development stage of the product.The requirements must be clarified and confirmed by Mexico Phone Number the relevant stakeholders, and do not think that it is very clear. If the understanding is wrong and not confirmed, the  project goes wrong from the beginning.

Some projects value quality

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Mexico Phone Number

The project objectives should also be confirmed simultaneously. We cannot guarantee that the goals we deduce ourselves are what the customers want. The customer said that he wanted to send express to Mars, but he couldn’t do it! If the goal is to complete the R&D and launch of XX business products on the PC and APP sides within 3 months,

The daily active users will reach 5,000. Still negotiable.Doing more will waste resources, and doing less will fail to achieve the goal. Clarifying the scope of the project will allow for a more detailed plan and assessment of the consumption of each resource.

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