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Goodall Book tip 10: 9 lies from the workplace – I’m curious about your opinion – Authors: Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall The best people are all-rounders⁠ People need feedback⁠ The best plan wins⁠ Leadership is one thing⁠ Lies, lies and more lies. And these lead to ineffectiveness and frustration. What actually Egypt Phone Number happens in the workplace? Liesa Carton writes in her review. In this book, business consultant Marcus Buckingham and leadership expert Ashley Goodall expose 9 ‘truths’ that are actually nonsense. With every lie you discover what research says is the truth.

Excel Google Sheets Formula

And what you can do with it as a team leader or employee. This book is highly recommended for team leaders who want to know what to focus on to make a good team. And for employees who are looking for more joy in their work, or who want to gift a book to their supervisors. The News Diet Dealing with information overload – Author Rolf Dobelli Book. News is to the mind what sugar is to the body’ and ‘News gives us the illusion of compassion’ it is immediately clear what Rolf Dobbelli’s opinion is about the news.


Sheets Formula

You will be happier, think more clearly, gain more valuable insights. Make better decisions and have time for more important matters. Who would not want that? Eric van den Berg writes in his review The corona virus can no longer be saved from the headlines, opinion programs, socials and the news. The media virus has grippe us even more than the virus itself. Can we escape this moral panic? Yes, stop reading news.” That was it! Do you have any reading tips for this summer.

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