Wants To Hear and Don’t Focus Only

Moreover, you have little time for the learning curve that a new campaign would have to go through first. His tip: “Only adjust the message of your ads and the landing pages you use. Your keywords and target groups must remain as they are in order to achieve as much return as possible.” Create remarketing audiences in advance. This collects visitors who Canada Phone Number have viewed a product or service but have not yet converted. With your promotion, you can just give them the last push to make a purchase. Think about measurability to understand the performance of your campaigns during the holiday season. Think of unique discount codes and UTM tags. These tips actually apply to all campaigns around the holidays. Niels Botterblom gives a detailed explanation of his tips to tap into the holidays with your existing campaigns.

Hear And Don’t Focus Only

Finally: inspiration for last-minute marketing strategies Could you use some inspiration for your Black Friday campaigns? Then take another look at the last-minute marketing strategies for Black-Friday success that Demi Kloosterman and Brent Maclaine Pont shared in 2020.Bigger, prettier, bolder. The big catch-up seems to have started around events in the Netherlands. In this last quarter, I have already received zero responses about the availability of all kinds of locations and it has been a lot of planning with speakers and technical parties. But above all, I notice: everyone is in a good mood to put down something beautiful after an eventful period. What can the event industry expect in 2022.

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Don’t Focus Only

The multitude of invitations and requests makes me very positive. Nobody knows what awaits us in the coming year. But it is inspiring to see how the many parties active in the sector continue to refine, experiment, push boundaries and bring unique products to the market. Meanwhile, 46% of the organizers have already organized a physical event in recent months and 80% are planning to do so this quarter. As I wrote in my previous article , a good 95% of the Dutch longs to visit a business event, sports event and entertainment again. But recent times has had a major impact on the sector. Both positive and negative.

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