Ways to Supercharge Your Writing

Personal stories about writing, motivation and failure Last month, I set up 3 Twitter parties in a week. I’m writing my face off and hating every minute of my efforts. We all know the saying: “It’s not a destination, it’s a journey that matters.” I certainly don’t mean live quotes. I stress and worry about getting all the copies my projects do. Much of it is self-inflicted. Who am I kidding? This is all self-induction. I just want to do this so I can relax the copy. I think it’s in my heart so I can move on. When I’m done, I switch to my editor’s head and read my blog posts, newsletter posts, landing pages and tweets.

Know Your Productivity Hotspots

Each writer has a specific time of day that allows for peak creativity. Some writers love that first cup of Joe in the early morning, when everything is quiet and they can focus. Others like late at night when their bodies are a little tired, but not too tired. You have a hot Australia Phone Number List spot. Try and find it at different times for a day’s effort. Creative notifications throughout the day when you are most productive. Don’t “try it out” and make time in the meantime, hurry up . You’ll get two hours of hotspots instead of four hours on the opposite side of the area, with more work done in between.

Refocus Your Creativity by Reading Children’s Books

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Australia Phone Number List

A Friend of Mine, Gretchen’s Rubin Happiness Project , Loves to Ask People What They Do to Improve a Bad Mood. Gretchen Always Says That She Enjoys Reading Children’s Books, So That Some Happiness Begins to Put Back Into Her Days. I Can Get to the Article on the Way. I Could Feel Myself Floating in Space Trying to Grab Anything to Help Me. When I Feel This Disconnect, I Grab One of My Favorite Kids’ Books and Just Read It. I Always End Up Feeling Lighter, More Focused and Jumping Back to Work With My New Energy. Use This Technique (or Find Another Way) to Refocus That Mindset to Allow You to Meet Your Deadlines and Stop Stressing Out So Much. Create a Write Point System Basically the Same Settings Speak for Me Every Day.

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