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What’s the next step as far as we’re concerned? E-mail. Email the next step? In one-to-many communications, such as email newsletters, it’s easy to lose track of the individual. But in addition to the large (external) e-mail campaigns, e-mail is also used en masse for simple means, such as an invitation, congratulations, anniversary, presentation, communication and internal newsletter. Simple but common resources that need to be formatted. The layout must be consistent and in accordance with the well-known guidelines: house style, brand, design, communication and accessibility. More than 250,000 Dutch people have a visual impairment in both eyes, according to the Eye Fund.

Our Struggle Concrete Follow

In addition, about 8% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from color blindness (Oogfonds, 2021). So this is important to keep in mind. 3 tips to make your emails more accessible But how? With some small checks and adjustments you can easily start Turkey Phone Number making your e-mails more accessible. 1. Check the use of color First: check the color contrast. To be fair, our own expressions are not always 100% accessible either. But we pay attention to it and try to improve it, that’s where it starts. Not all color combinations in a corporate identity work equally well with each other. That is why it is good to check whether, for example, the contrast is large enough.


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Check with this free tool from WebAIM whether the contrast between the titles and background is large enough. This way you will quickly find out which color combinations you should leave out in your emails. Also read: Test in 5 steps whether your website is accessible To make your content more accessible to people with color blindness, try Colblindor ‘s Color Blindness Simulator . Nice to take a screenshot of an expression and run it through the simulator. For example, we found out that people with deuteranomaly (when the green cones work less well) experience our primary house style color turquoise as light pink. Also beautiful! Example of Capital ID website for someone with deuteranomaly.

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