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Of the personality and even the consumption preferences. Xeerpa also facilitates. On the one hand. The qualification of leadsand the evaluation of the efficiency of the campaigns and. On the other hand. The optimization of the investment in programmatic advertising campaigns. Improvements India phone number open rate and CTR in email marketing campaigns. Among others. Social Network Profiling: Watson Below. You can see some examples of the wide range of possibilities that Social Network Profiling offers to marketing departments.

Based on the experience of some of Xeerpa’s clients: Segmentation of Emailing Campaigns and Facebook Custom Audiences Food companies. For example. Segment their campaigns to their India phone number according to their tastes and interests. Therefore, Nestlé or Calidad Pascual can identify “Moms” or “Lovers of healthy eating”. Therefore, Among others. To be much more effective in their communications. Increasing Open Rate and CTR. Heineken. As a frequent sponsor of music festivals.

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Personalization of messages in wifi Hotspots With Xeerpa. Therefore, Rodilla is able to know the social profile of its clients at the same moment that they do Social Login to access the wifi. In this way they can India phone number their offers in real time. Just at the moment in which the user is at the point of sale. Therefore, Turespaña registers users at international airports to later impact the “Cosmopolitans” – people who like urban tourism. Culture. Fashion. Gastronomy… Expand reach to foreign fans Large /medium sized sports clubs use Social Network Profiling to analyze. Among other factors.

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What their fans are like in Eastern markets. In order to hone their strategy there. Ability to impact specific users who have interacted with certain posts Clarins can impact with an offer of a specific India phone number of its e-commerce to users who have made likes. Therefore, Comments. Shares in certain Facebook posts that talked about that particular product. Metric guide Identify content. Therefore, Sponsors or partners related to your users With the Xeerpa rankings. Companies like AMC Networks are able to identify potential partners or sponsors among the brands most followed by their users.

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Brands can find out what type of content is more in tune with their users. Thereby improving engagement on their social accounts. Therefore, Qualification of dmps to improve the effectiveness of India phone number advertising Companies such as Grupo Prisa are able to identify specific audiences in their DMP to fine-tune the segmentation of their Display advertising. Therefore, Thanks to the data provided by Xeerpa. Find potential influencers among your customers Shiseido takes into account the social influence of your loyalty club members when identifying your brand ambassadors .

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