We Have to Treat Data/information, Strategy and Approach Differently

The user needs to be able to find specifications, capabilities, guides and best practices, for example. Again, building trust is key. When companies intend to spend thousands of dollars on a supplier, they often research the company before contacting it. This process can take more than six months. We Have to Treat Data/information.

In this scenario, the user could visit the site Mexico B2B List several times, share pages with the members of the board of directors and download valuable content (guides, ebooks, infographics, presentations) to continue investigating. This process is very different from a consumer visiting a site, seeing something they like, and spending $20 for that purchase.

With This in Mind

So what does ux design for a b2b website require ? More than you might think. To get started, let’s take a look at what ux is and isn’t, in the context of b2b marketing . What ux is not ux is not interface design. User experience (ux) and user interface (ui) are two separate, often misunderstood elements of web design .

While ui focuses on the look, feel, and functionality of the page , ux takes into account the story the website tells as a user flows  through it. Ux focuses on the user journey ( customer journey ), instilling trust in the brand and, ultimately, leading them to make a decision. Ux is not optional. Ux is not a dish on a menu; it is the backbone on which the website is built . If we neglect data-driven ux design.

We End Up with Pages

Mexico B2B List


Without a clear focus on what the user wants and needs at any given time. Ux is not just about the experience. Beyond experience, ux implies a strategy developed through industry/sector-specific research of customers, user groups within the industry, and competitors.

A ux designer needs to fully understand the product or service to ensure that the website conveys it to users in a clear and concise manner. So what is ux? Now that we have a clear understanding of what ux is and isn’t, let’s turn our attention to the features and techniques of ux. User discovery the first tactic is to ensure that your target audience sees or finds you.

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