We Must Understand That Google’s Approach to Its Search Engine

Is more about answering questions and meeting user needs than a simple search engine. Therefore, keywords are not dead as many people claim, but the way of working with them has changed . For example: if a person searches for mercadona , it is most likely that they are looking for the closest mercadona, not the Uganda WhatsApp Number List company’s headquarters in tavernes blanques. For this, it is essential to work on local seo positioning with the aim of optimizing your content based on local user searches. We are going to offer you a series of guidelines to carry out a correct keyword research based on the user’s intentions. We Must Understand That Google’s Approach to Its Search Engine

Know What Google Is Looking for?

We know that google has changed. So, it is pertinent to know what you are looking for and what is relevant to google. We can define the following questions. To, try to know what google wants:-understand the search query analyze all available answers rank responses. In, order of relevance give specific answers analyze the serps a good. Start, is to analyze the google serps for different sets of keywords. This way you will have a clear idea about what google returns. In the case of wanting to position your videos. The, study of keywords for youtube is very similar. Intention-search-results-serp for example: if a search term returns a page full of blog posts, question and answer sites or forums. Videos, and the like, this is informational search intent. If, on the other hand, they look like sales pages for a product or service. It, is more linked to the purchase intention. We Must Understand That Google’s Approach to Its Search Engine.

Way to Start Targeting Specific Words

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Phrases, questions or answers for different terms. The first results will be those contents that fit perfectly with the wishes and intentions of the user. Keyword research the time has come to study keywords , this is no different from the traditional keyword research method. You can use google keyword planner or any seo tool. Search for those words relevant to your niche and select the ones with less competition. To do this, identify the long tail keywords, much more specific and with less competition, these usually give an effective response to a possible search intention, whether commercial or informative, etc. The objective is to know if you can offer the content that the user is looking for and if you are going to meet their expectations.

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