What Is Valuable To Them Always Say

In addition, it also gives confidence. You can choose to use 1 language which would then become English, but as mentioned, this will not benefit the user experience. By using a language per country, this also results in (a lot of) work. Having the content translated via a translation site such as Google Translate is not recommende. It often differs somewhat Dominican Republic Phone Number from how it is written in that country. I can imagine that you can’t do it all yourself because you simply don’t speak the language, let alone write. You will have to hire or hire people to translate that content in a natural and logical way. Also read: Why a website briefing can no longer be done on one A4 sheet.

Valuable To Them Always Say

If you use the correct language per country, this also gives you the chance to work directly on the SEO part. Map out which words are use there and do keyword research to fin out where the most search volume is. Incorporate this into your content to immediately take an important step in terms of findability in the search engines. The technical aspect of language Besides the fact that a multilingual. Website must contain languages ​​of the countries in which you operate, there is also a technical part. And that is important for a search engine like Google. What needs to be done is add a small piece of code in the hea of the page, which is called hreflang.


Them Always Say

For the language part these are ISO formats, and for the country part these are ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 formats. Quite a few choices All in all, you have to make some choices. They depend, among other things, on the current situation (what kind of domain extension do you have, for example), but also what you want in the future. For example, think of complete freedom in building the website per country. Perhaps this article will raise more questions, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because as I started with the article, you want to make the most logical and optimal choice The AIDA model should actually be transformed into Parrot in 7 contact moments.

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