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Arthur Tatum is a talent jazz genius known for his fast and precise. Piano playing style, although he lost most of his sight at the age of. The famous pianist, who livbetween 1909-1956, has undoubtedly expand the limits of. Jazz piano with his fast playing technique. the second major release. Of 2021 and an important milestone in WordPress’ development cycle. Is nam after Tatum, one of the most important names in jazz history.

Having manag to satisfy both Colombia Phone Numbers novices and experienc users with every update, WordPress continues to grow with more than 600 new WordPress websites every day and 30% of the internet is bas on WordPress-built sites, an indication that it is an indispensable tool for website designers.

WordPress’s latest update 5.8, which has an important. Role in making it stand out among modern content management systems focus on spe, convenience and user experience. Once again makes us Since including the Gutenberg block. Editor as the defaultitor, the WordPress. Team has been moving towards focusing on full site  . Last update; It’s packwith details. Site health changes, and duotone filtering.

Template Editing

The template editor is the first step in FSE (Full Site Editing) that allows you. To create and save custom templates for your website and use them for any post or page.

The idea behind full site editing is to provide a set. To tools and features that allow WordPress users to build the entire site using blocks. With full site editing, many page elements can be included in the template with blocks. From sidebar components to navigation menus and even the site logo.

So you can create your templates using all available blocks, save them and reuse them for other pages or posts.

Here are some of the new block additions and updates introducd by the latest WordPress version that will give you a great deal of control over the design of your content:

Although it is known that it will be cover by almost all of them soon, it should be not that not all themes currently support these features.

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Web Support

Because it is an important search engine ranking factor, keeping page load speed low is something that should be approached carefully when designing a website. It is also known that around 40 percent of users tend to abandon web pages that take longer than three seconds to load.

A WordPress website isn’t just about writing or design. You can of course have different landing pages, different subdomains, and now you can have different templates for each of them.

Page templates that are usually included with themes in WordPress to date; With the latest version, it can be created without having to edit the theme itself, which means great convenience for WordPress users with no coding experience.

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