Which Will Be Pulled to Represent Your Collection

We’ll dive deeper into seo later, but here are some quick tips for optimizing this section in the meantime: page title. Write the title of your page and include the appropriate keywords. The title should be short and descriptive enough to click through. Description. Use this space to display any compelling information that might persuade PR Directors Email Lists users to click when they see a link to your product in search results. Which Will Be Pulled to Represent Your Collection

Url and identifier. Keep this simple, unique, and meaningful to people who use search engines to find your product. I’m going to fill in the collection title and description based on how i want to greet visitors when they land on this collection page. Search engine preview can be complete using the same best practices we follow for product pages. Which Will Be Pulled to Represent Your Collection

Once You’re Done

Hit save and preview the product page to see what it looks like. You can repeat this for each product you want to add to your store, keeping in mind that you don’t need to add all of your products to launch the ecommerce.

Organize your products into collections now that we have at least a few individual products uploaded, we can start organizing them into collections in the product collections section. Collections can be created to select products for a specific audience (for example, children’s products), a theme (for example, best sellers), or a product category (for example, accessories).

You Can Decide

 PR Directors Email Lists


If, you want to manually add products to certain collections or automate. What, is include/exclude based on price. Tags, or other conditions. Collections serve a variety of purposes. Such, as: extract certain products that you want to display. In, a section of your home page linking to product collections. In, your navigation or on your home page to help.

Different, audiences quickly navigate your catalog selection of items. You, want to put on sale (you can apply discounts to a specific collection of products) continuing with our example. I’m, going to create a collection for our medium hot sauces. That’s because i only want to include my three individual hot sauce products. And, exclude the three pack. This way i can display the individual flavors and highlight the package separately.

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