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They increase considerably from the first to the second day. Inbound Leaders 18 Posts with the hashtag #inleaders18 from May 10 Inbound Leaders 18 Posts with the hashtag #inleaders18 from May 11 Looking at the numbers of tweets  per hour . We see that the “golden minute” occurred during China phone number second day of the event. On the 11th at 11:09 the highest number of tweets / minute was reached. This is because José Facchin’s presentation on SEO began at that time . Inbound Leaders 18 Top 10 users with the most tweets With a total of 359 tweets.

The profile of Inbound Leaders (inboundleaders) is in the top 1 of most retweeted users. Who are in the top 10? Inbound Leaders 18 Inbound Leaders hashtags 18 In addition to tweeting with the hashtag #inleaders18 . Users have also done so using others related to the topics discussed at China phone number event. Such as #inboundmarketing. #SEO or #digitalmarketing. Inbound Leaders 18 #inleaders18 Trending Topic During the first day of the event. The official hashtag of the Inbound Leaders 18 was Trending Topic in Spain from 11:19 a.m. To 2:39 p.m. Even reaching fourth place at 13:39 .

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It ranked sixth from 1:23 p.m. To 1:54 p.m. On the other hand. In Barcelona it was Trending Topic both days . On the first day of the event. He placed in the top 10 from 12:59 p.m. To 6:59 p.m. While on the China phone number day. It was in trends throughout the day. Even reaching second position at 10:39. Engagementthere is less and less time left for the VI econgress Málaga. The largest e-commerce. Social media and digital marketing fair in southern Europe. In it. You will find  conferences. Networking . Free training workshops. Raffles and many more surprises!

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Are you going to miss it? Make a note of Saturday May 26 in your diary and don’t miss this important event in the world of online marketing . Econgress Malaga More than 2.500 people have already attended the 5 editions  that have been held of this event. On this occasion. The econgress China phone number will feature more than 80 leading speakers from the sector. Both national and international. It is the best opportunity to meet with people specialized in the sector and share knowledge. In addition. It will have a capacity of 600 people who will be able to attend the VI edition of this congress.

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The Auditorium of the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga. At Cool Tabs we don’t want to miss this event. We will be  present with a stand and we will give a Free workshop on Social Listening & Social Analytics. What will you find at the Malaga econgress? At the econgress Málaga you will find more than 80 leading conferences in the sector. With both China phone number and international speakers. These conferences will address the following topics: « The hard story of getting visits and transforming them into sales ». The talk will be given by Javier Hernández Racionero. Head of Ecommerce and Marketing at Iberia Express.

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