While They Didn’t Have To Go Further

Set The moment you have asked this question, you are on. All cars, advertisements, commercials that you see and hear along the way are included as an option. In this active evaluation period you ask friends for tips, you search online for Qatar Phone Number reviews and you orientate further. Moment of Commitment You choose a car and order it. In Andrew’s case, no Nissan, because they missed the opportunity for loyalty. Why? The letter was businesslike and was only about returning the car. It didn’t give him a great new experience with Nissan. They didn’t offer him a new deal with nice conditions.

Didn’t Have To Go Further

They didn’t take advantage of the relationship. Moment of Inspiration: a journey they never expected to buy something they didn’t even know they needed. – Andrew Davis Create the loop And therein lies the opportunity for every company: the relationship as the basis for loyalty. If you already capture your customer with the Trigger Question, so before he enters the active evaluation phase, he will stay directly with your brand for his solution. A valuable shortcut! Where is the profit for marketers? After the Moment of Commitment. If you understand your customer, you can continue to feed them with content that always manages to surprise with different Moments of Inspiration.


Have To Go Further

You build the relationship and the trust, you become the prime brand. And that eventually leads to a new moment of commitment. A continuous run. Also read: Gamification of the check-out process: how to get more loyal customers Commodity or distinctive? Many brands are really mature online: the flow before and after purchase works well and is professionally set up. For example, the neat confirmation emails, track-and-trace and a request for a rating. But be honest, because everyone does this and that is the expectation, the service or purchase provided quickly seems like a commodity . It’s interchangeable.

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