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The same goes for the innate distrust of Hong Kong Phone Number technology. As we age, we are increasingly able to reconcile ourselves with the conflicting properties of digital technologies. On the one hand, we are going to see that computers are prone to ‘stupid mistakes’ (just like people). On the other hand, we also increasingly believe in the superhuman powers of technology: extremely accurate, unbiased and morally neutral. While we have known for a long time Hong Kong Phone Number that this kite does not hold up. So technology is not something we naturally rely on. Children do pay attention. They don’t just believe every answer they get and don’t blindly rely on digital technologies. When it comes Hong Kong Phone Number to Media Literacy, we should perhaps not make young people critical, but keep them critical.

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Duke University research shows that teens’ online lives are very Hong Kong Phone Number similar to the experiences, connections and challenges of the offline world. So much so that, according to the researchers, it makes no sense to disconnect what happens online from ‘the real life’ of young people. It is also not the case that young people Hong Kong Phone Number do not have meaningful interactions online. These tools have the danger that you may not use them strategically, because the effects are so fun and sometimes even astonishing. Therefore, take  a good look at your target group, your Hong Kong Phone Number brand identity and your content goals or content strategy before you use them. Also read 21 free SEO tools in a row Apart.

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All this reduces the chance that young people will Hong Kong Phone Number get stuck in the much-dreaded filter bubble. In fact, they often even purposefully step out. Research shows that a majority of American teens believe that social media helps them broaden their horizons . More than two-thirds of teens believe these platforms can. Hong Kong Phone Number help connect with people from different backgrounds, find more diverse points of view and express their support for social issues. Far fewer teens believe that social media is a source of reliable news. Young people therefore appear to be much Hong Kong Phone Number more socially involved and much more critical of new technologies than is often thought.

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