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Mobile vs Desktop Showcase Shopping Ads is shown on both desktop and mobile. But user cases show that Showcase Ads are more often seen on mobile. The share of impressions on mobile also depends on the industry. The share can vary between 5% – 30%. This comes from research by Bloofusion. One explanation for the varying impressions of Costa Rica Phone Number is that Showcases is not always shown in the different industry categories. In addition, Showcase Ads will also not bring in impressions if a limited number of advertisers are using it. For example, if you use Showcase Ads and you only have 5 competitors, Google will not display your Showcase Ads.

Already A Bit Further

What makes Shopping Showcase ads interesting Showcase Ads will not be shown together with your existing regular Shopping Ads. This means that your clicks will not be cannibalized for other campaigns. So you can show Showcase Ads next to your existing Shopping campaigns. The visibility that you lose on generic terms with your current Shopping Ads can be compensated with Showcase Ads. This Google case from 2017 shows that users who came into contact with Showcase ads are on average 2x as likely to search for a brand after seeing a Showcase ad. One brand saw a threefold increase in brand-related terms and a 32% increase in assistive conversions standard Shopping.


A Bit Further

Showcase Ads make it possible for advertisers to show more relevant products. This can be in the form of lifestyle photos, promos or other creative expressions to show the brand to potential customers. Some statistics at a glance: According to Google, 40% of Shopping related search terms are broad. Seeing a Showcase ad makes a user look for your brand earlier in the funnel. Brand-related searches can see an increase of up to 3x with the deployment of Showcase Ads. The supportive value of Shopping with the deployment of Showcase Ads can see an increase of up to 32%. 4 tips for Showcase Shopping.

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