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Use Experimental Marketing ! Also read: Customer engagement in the digital, post-corona era What is experiential marketing ? De Bruijn uses the following definition. Experiential marketing directly integrates the customer experience with Tunisia Phone Number your marketing and branding activities. You bring your target group on board in the creative process and have them participate in various marketing activities, thus creating moments in which they are intensely engaged with your brand. In his book he gives a number of examples of brands that are already doing this very well, because experiential marketing is not new. For example, the Redbull brand organizes various extreme sports events.

Themselves Dream About

This shows that the brand stands for action, enthusiasm and pushing boundaries. Through these events, customers experience this and start to associate the brand with it. That is exactly what you want for an energy drink. De Bruijn gives a number of tips to start doing experiential marketing yourself. Talk to your customers Honestly, how often do you make assumptions? We all have Google Analytics, Hotjar, might do a customer survey every now and then, but how often do you really ask customers for feedback? Invite a group of customers, enthusiastic and less enthusiastic, and start a conversation with them.


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Challenge them to brainstorm about how the marketing strategy can be even better and keep talking. Act like a pioneer, ask your customers for feedback and show the willingness to act upon it. Setting up a customer panel has been on my list for a long time, but after reading this book I’m going to take action. I now realize even more that the grand plans I like to make don’t make sense if I don’t involve customers much more. You will soon be in your futuristic store with a 3D printer, but without a customer. Go for authentic experiences Just buying something, that’s no longer what your customer wants.

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