Who’s Who Strategic Relationship with Social Media A+A-

Post it to all social networks, share it with your email list, tell your friends…and nothing happens. The needle does not move. Sometimes, you just feel stuck. You do everything “that you should do” but don’t really go anywhere. You’ve worked hard to get people to notice you and your company. You have a little bit of traction here and there, but not enough. You feel that you have paid your dues , but you are not being paid back. There must be a better way. There is, and this is where industry influence comes into play. With a little help from influence (and its massive audience), you can move from obscurity to a firm place on the map. Without their help, your future is

Start the Culture

Pick a small group of influencers (say 4-6 people) to start. (via email or RSS), follow them on Twitter, connect on Google, subscribe to their Facebook updates, “like” their Facebook page, and join LinkedIn groups they own or are actively participating in subscribing to their blog. If you can, attend a live event where they are speaking. Check them out regularly, start engaging with them on your blog, and through social media. This will prepare the basis to Belarus Phone Number List take the following actions. Show your support Next, be their best supporter. This might include linking to them (especially an interesting, well-written post), buying some of their products, sharing their posts and promotions on Facebook, promoting their LinkedIn group, retweeting them (and increasing positive reviews)

Connect it to a great resource or person

That’s when they’ll be most open to an interview, or broadly share your comments via social media. Write an articulate, creative and scannable post to make sure it gets a lot of attention and shares. I’ve seen too many average mediocre reviews just don’t share, it’s worth it. Take the time to get it right and then be sure to bring it up to them so they can share it for you. 8. Interview them If you are a nice and very smart person, people can’t help but feel closer to you after they talk to you. What’s the easiest way to talk to an expert? an interview. Find a good reason to interview them (like the launch mentioned above), or create an event or series like the “Top Architect Interview

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