Why Customer Attracting About Loyalty Is the New Marketing

You’ve heard it a thousand times: Marketing is all about attracting potential customers to your business. As marketers, we like to talk about the tactics we use to do our job. But We write articles, meet at Meetups, and host conferences to Engineering Directors Email Lists discuss topics like branding. Why Customer Attracting About Loyalty Is the New Marketing

SEO, media buying, display advertising, branded content, and more. However, what happens after a prospect becomes a customer is rarely discussed. Sometimes marketers feel like it’s their job to bring people to the business, not keep them coming back after they buy. It can be a big mistake. Think of marketing as a funnel where you attract a large network of people to your website and slowly get them to become more interested in your offerings. Why Customer Attracting About Loyalty Is the New Marketing

What Is Retention?

With this model in mind, marketing is only the beginning of the funnel, the “top of the funnel” as it is called. There’s something more important happening at the end of the funnel (i.e. after someone has made a purchase), and what happens can help you increase your revenue dramatically . This is called retention. Read on to find out why you should focus on customer retention to grow your business. What is retention?

Keeping customers “come back again and again” is loyalty. Then Retention is a group of marketing tactics you use to bring people back to your business. Just as you use tactics to acquire customers, you use tactics to keep them engaged. Since retention begins after a purchase, marketers need to reframe how they plan to serve their customers. In this article about the future of email marketing.

How Retention Is Changing the Marketing Paradigm

Engineering Directors Email Lists

Then Samantha Anderl said that the standard funnel doesn’t exist anymore. Focusing solely on acquisition won’t do it anymore. There’s more to a marketing funnel than acquisition. A new marketing funnel has emerged that merges the pre-purchase and post-purchase stages to present a comprehensive view of the entire customer lifecycle. Then Multi-channel, multi-touch and multi-path customer journeys are the new marketing funnel.

But The end goal is no longer simply to convert a prospect into a customer. It’s about maximizing the lifetime value of loyal customers who will come back again and again. iMarketing Funnel Customer Lifecycle How retention is changing the marketing paradigm Marketing has historically focused only on tactics to attract more people to a brand.

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