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An appropriate quote that perfectly reflects this time. During her keynote, she identified some key social media trends that I discuss below. Supplemented with trends that I have also heard and should not be missing from this list. 1. Metaverse The biggest change social media will go through? It’s ‘ the metaverse ‘. Where you currently look on a screen at videos, photos or live streams, we will go ‘into the metaverse’ in the future. With VR glasses you can walk around in virtual spaces where other users are also. It’s a less far-from-your-bed show than you might think. Various ‘worlds’ or ‘spaces’ are already being built by creatives.

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Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp) is scaling Facebook and Instagram more and more and the focus is shifting more to the metaverse. So what should you think about? A birthday with friends from all over the world, or more business: a virtual meeting where you see avatars of each other in a virtual world instead of only seeing your Cayman Islands Phone Number face on camera. (I can’t really imagine it yet!) The next phase of social media is presence. – Navah Berg 2. Creator economy Where we have seen in recent years that influencers earn money by making extensive use of product marketing, Kirsten has recently (and also in the coming period) seen different business models for creators on all different channels.

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Influencer marketing is moving towards a creator economy . Creators play an important role in this. The name says it all: they are people who make everything from cooking tutorials to podcasts. Creators already existed, of course, but the business model is changing. Where brands used to pay for influencer campaigns, creators are now monetizing content because people want to pay for it in the form of subscriptions or additional content. You may have heard of “Friends of the Show” where you can support podcasts for a small fee per month – often in exchange for exclusive content. Also read: The latest Instagram updates: Like stories, add-yours, collab posts & more.

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