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I’ve already done it a few times in this piece (go count, really quite often). It functions. As a comedian, stolen from all my great examples, I also do aside. That’s the same as the parentheses on paper. So: you’re writing, you want to make your point, you’re Switzerland Phone Number doing a lot of content, and then suddenly you step out of your story and say something ‘that you happen to have to think about.’ That breaks your story in a pleasant way and gives you a glimpse into your soul again. you & you Finally, the most important words of each text are: you and your You are really writing directly to someone.

Team To Take Them Results

You imagine that someone on the other side is now hanging out on the couch and reading. And you’re on the toilet now, I know, but that couch was an example. Bonus tip: opinion, vision, preference And then the bonus tip: share your opinion, your vision, your preference, your antipathy, your sensitivity, your emotion in your text. I think if you do that people experience intimacy too. “I don’t think so.” Or “It makes me very happy.” ‘I thought that was so annoying! I felt completely let down!’ Tell the people. Your reader. The one over there on the couch. Taking a stand gives someone a glimpse into your life. By sharing a feeling, people can sympathize with you. And you know: whatever you find difficult, exciting or embarrassing, there are always people who recognize.


Take Them Results

That’s my last insight: the more candid you are, the more you touch people. By saying what you LOVE and totally CAQUE, you attract people who agree with you. By showing your disappointment (don’t complain sincerely, you just do that to your partner, it must be designed without obligation, you are on stage, you are performing) people can sympathize with you. And always know: your pain, sadness, small and large frustrations, there is always someone who feels comforted because that person turns out not to be the only one. That’s quite a relief. Do you understand? Do a lot Finally: this ability is mainly a matter of very, very, very much writing. Do a lot. And then some more. So, go, write! Tell your story.

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