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The website almost weekly to subtitle an English video. You send your video to them, and within 24 hours you will receive a perfect transcript of the video. You upload that subtitle file with your video on LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook. And your video is subtitled! the word marram grass. Marram grass grows in the dunes, so I made associations with the Second World War, with grass Ghana Phone Number that protects itself against attacks from the sea by wearing a helmet. In German, marram grass is called Strandhafer , which means (you guessed it) beach oats. Also a nice one. 8. Alphabet — we owe a lot of Ghana Phone Number useful words to the Arabs  sugar, coffee, caravan, petrol, orange and even checkmate. But no other word has as much meaning for me as a copywriter as alphabet. Where would I be without alphabet? 9. Farfalla — of all the translations of ‘butterfly’, I like the Italian.

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That farfalla sounds much better than butterfly , Schmetterling Ghana Phone Number or borboleta . (Although I do find the Low Saxon word pennevulegel to Ghana Phone Number have a certain charm.) 10. Sloddervos — according to a 1726 proverb , a slob is the brother of a slob and the son of a slob. I think Ghana Phone Number slob is a wonderful word, because ‘slodder’ sounds so wonderfully dirty, just what befits the brother of a slob and the son of a slob. 11. Hijsbakkie — this is Afrikaans for Ghana Phone Number lift. I think the great thing about Ghana Phone Number lifting container is how unreliable the word sounds; it is reminiscent of a wooden orange box being lifted by kite rope. 12. Spookasem —another African.

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Cotton candy The breath of a ghost, that’s Ghana Phone Number what it Ghana Phone Number means. Cool word. (By the way, I also like ‘cotton candy’ myself.) Do you want more African? This article on Froot gives a whole list of African words that you and I should star Ghana Phone Number  using today. 2 girls eating cotton candy. 13. Koldskål — a Danish buttermilk drink. Why is this word so cool? At first glance it sounds rancid (puke-bald?), but if you look closely it means ‘cold shell’. All the filth Ghana Phone Numbers will slide right off the floor and you’ll instantly be craving a glass (or bowl) of koldskål , a popular dairy drink in that tiny, super-friendly northern European country Schwan.

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