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The term ‘tested positive’ is now fairly well established. But last summer many people were still quite confused by this. “Positive means good news, right?” we heard in a user test for CoronaMelder. We then decided not to write ‘tested positive’ anywhere anymore. Even after going live, we kept a close eye on Twitter and other channels. Because Thailand Phone Number is the place where people report it when they run into issues. Valuable information for us to keep optimizing the copy! Not in terms of content (because input often comes from the government), but in terms of comprehensible writing and tone. It is important that the personality comes back consistently. In all your communication.

An API Available

Look at the big picture In addition to texts for the app, we wrote (or contributed to) the texts for, among other things, the website, FAQs, and the App Stores of CoronaMelder and CoronaCheck. It is important to ensure that the user’s ‘experience’ is super consistent across all avenues. In order to market your product (and therefore your entire brand), it is always important that the personality comes back consistently. In all your communication. This makes you recognizable and reliable for the target group. This is mainly due to the use of words. While writers like to use synonyms for a change in a light-hearted article, UX writing is swearing in church. You want to keep it as simple as possible, which is why consistency is so important.


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Those were our insights! I have enjoyed working with my colleagues on these challenging government projects – even though the general trend around CoronaMelder and CoronaCheck was not always positive. The whole country is watching and everyone has an opinion, especially in times of corona. Nevertheless, we managed to make a macro impact with microcopy. We have done everything we can to make the texts as clear as possible for all Dutch people. This contributes to trust in the apps. Let’s hope that in the coming months, too, with the help of the apps, the country will gradually climb out of the crisis.

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