Woocommerce Vs Magento: Comparing the Two Ecommerce Giants

As a beginner, finding a low-cost and reliable e-commerce platform is difficult, especially when you are constantly bombarded with misleading advertisements. These advertisements promise unbeatable prices for unlimited features, but in reality, they do not Costa Rica B2B List deliver on their promises and offer hosted e-commerce platforms that often don’t live up to the hype. Woocommerce Vs Magento: Comparing the Two Ecommerce Giants.

I have already covered the dangers of hosted ecommerce platforms and why you should opt for a hosted ecommerce platform if you are just a beginner. In particular, beginners should watch out for platforms that “unlock” common features and/or resources only when you pay the monthly “platform usage fee”. Woocommerce Vs Magento: Comparing the Two Ecommerce Giants.

What to Look for in an Ecommerce Platform

This is not my personal claim – in fact, Builtwith , the popular website stack stats platform has an entire graph proving my point: The best way to help you understand my claim is to list all the important aspects an eCommerce store owner should look for in a platform. To help you out, I’ve listed some of the essential features that first-time e-commerce platforms should offer: Reliability.

The number one concern of any e-commerce store owner is TRUST. Will their data stay safe on the platform? In the case of managed e-commerce platforms, users lost all their data simply because they forgot to re-subscribe (or upgrade) to the plan. Ensuring that store data will remain intact and protected should be the first consideration in selecting an e-commerce store.

The Number One Concern of Any E-commerce Store Owner Is Trust

Costa Rica B2B List

Performance: In 2019, and especially after Google’s Florida update, no serious eCommerce store owner can overlook store-level performance. Everything else depends on the smooth running of the store. If your store doesn’t load in less than 5 seconds.

You shouldn’t be getting it to work in the first place. PERIOD. Scalability: What if you got 300% more traffic during the sale period? Is your store infrastructure and underlying hosting solution up to the challenge? As a store owner. You cannot escape the scalability dilemma unless you are on a cloud e-commerce hosting platform that offers seamless. Instant resource scaling of the shop.

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