Well Chosen Words Build Brands

How can you celebrate this in a fun way? The way Koopmans does. Small, sympathetic and just right! 4. Waze B2B commercials can be tricky. How do you sell a service or product without it getting dusty and in such a way that you can also Ivory Coast Phone Number entertain the consumer with it? One of the possibilities: humor. Waze, the competitor of, for example, Google Maps and the replacement of old well-known TomTom shows that it is possible. 3. New York Times – The Truth is Essential While many of us are feeling a little “coronamoe” from a pandemic that dominates the news, news is more important than ever.

Poorly Chosen Words Break Brands

Because before you know it, someone will tell you that it makes sense to drink bleach to protect yourself against the coronavirus. The New York Times released a short commercial in the same style as many others are doing this period: blacking out the screen and letting the copy do the work see also on this list. Storytelling without pictures and yet managed to strike the right chord. This is how you do it in 2020. Extra bonus points: the campaign is completely in line with the tone-of-voice and branding of The NYT in recent years, with slogans in which ‘the truth’ is always central.

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Words Build Brands

Viacom on black The Viacom network of MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, among others, went black on #blackouttuesday (June 2) for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. That’s exactly when former police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck in Minneapolis, leading to his death and sparking protests and dissension across the country (and the world). The spot reads ‘ I Can’t Breathe ‘ (the words Floyd said while being trapped) on a black background as audio plays the sound of breathing. The spot includes a call-to-action to support the advocacy of Color of Change nonprofits. The ‘I can’t breathe’ campaign.

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