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When all websites are fully compliant remains the big question for now. And then we are only talking about websites. What about other resources? A number of status changes municipalities digiaccessibility register. Number of status changes per quarter ( source, accessed April 22, 2021). Tip of the iceberg That registry we talked about is for government Thailand Phone Number agency websites. But digital accessibility goes much further than just the website. We are therefore afraid that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because what about the accessibility of, for example, e-mail and other communications ? And what about healthcare institutions and other organizations to which the obligation does not apply? Apps are planned for June 2021.

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Long stories, short stories, your brand story, or the message of your next campaign: storytelling is everywhere and now indispensable in marketing and content strategies. Stories are often idyllic, elaborate, and thought out to the last detail. But to win the hearts of your audience in the current (social) media landscape, a translation is still needed. From antiquity to social media: a slightly different story It’s not without reason that we love storytelling. It is a powerful tool for gaining trust, connecting and influencing people. This, of course, goes beyond marketing. Storytelling has been embedded in our existence for many years. And so we are now trying to draw the general public into a catchy saga for our marketing goals as well.


Value Maximization

But how do you do that? Or more specifically: how do you do that on social media. Because social media has changed the way we consume media in recent years. Where before, in traditional media such as print, radio, and TV, you still had plenty of time to let people enjoy your marketing chronicles, now you only have a few seconds to tell your story. Social media does not always make it easy for us storytellers. Yet this is the perfect place to connect with the perception of your audience and to seek connection through storytelling. It’s not called social media for nothing. Despite the short period of attention given to us as marketers here, it is the media that brings us closest to our target audiences.

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