Would Go Too Far To Discuss All Details

Expectation management is an important role for a marketing agency owner. Because everything is measurable, we think we have control. Since we see examples of online marketers getting into numbers and tricks, we think that the masses Turkey Phone Number are playable and will fall for anything as long as the funnel, the hotjar and the Cialdini tricks are set up well enough. And then 7 contact moments. One of the oldest marketing adages. Old yes. And completely ‘old-dated’. I had my doubts. Seven times for a sale? That is very optimistic. So I went looking for where that figure comes from. What do you think.

Too Far To Discuss All Details

Hard to find! The Origin of the Rule of Seven Its origins are a 1930s research conducted by movie stars in America. Within a short period of time, someone had to see or hear an ad seven times before action was taken. Sorry, but you’ve only called 6 times in the last 18 months and I’ve forgotten your name. The ‘master marketer’ That theory was later introduced as a ‘rule’ by Dr. Jeffrey Lant Who doesn’t know him? I checked out one of his books I could find. And there is no-nonsense in it, but the level is not special. When Lant introduced the rule is unknown. But it must have been in the ’50s. anyway. Look around you. Does it look like the thirties, fifties or even the 90s? Not to compare EVERYTHING around us is advertising.


To Discuss All Details

Like your Instagram feed. One long strip of advertising of people who are brands, and brands that are people. Your LinkedIn feed? Also some advertising. And I’m not even talking about TV, radio, outdoor, and blogs. Advertising is everywhere. In the middle of the last century, seven may have been a magic number, but I’ll help you out of the illusion. green parrot Lorre We have to hold on to at least tenfold before making a sale. Media consumption has not only increased enormously, the amount of advertising and marketing we see has also grown strongly.

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