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You do this by avoiding jargon and computer language and by using spoken language as much as possible. So, now you know what UX writing is and what it can do. We now take you through the insights we have gained in projects for the government. 1. Put yourself in the user’s shoes For a positive user experience, empathy is the key. The user must South Korea Phone Number really feel understood. We first coordinated the content of the text with, among others, the Policy and Legal departments. In this way we ensured that the app does not spread untruths. Then it was up to us to strike the right note. In a positive situation, there may well be some enthusiasm. But in the event of an error message, it is again important not to blame the user.

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By constantly adjusting the tone, the user feels appreciated and starts using the app with pleasure. Target Emotion Effect To strike the right chord we use the formula target-emotion-effect. Before we tinker with the text, we consider what the answer to the following questions is in a specific situation: 1. Goal: What does your reader want to know or achieve? 2. Emotion: How is your reader feeling right now? 3. Effect: How do you want your reader to feel? The examples below illustrate how we put this formula into practice. Example of UX writing. Take this example. The user has created a vaccination certificate. But it is not valid in the Netherlands. It’s best to bale. This has to do with regulations.


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The user is entitled to an explanation here, so we will give more context by means of an example. We then indicate very concretely what the action is that the user must take. Emotion in the CoronaCheck app: UX writing. Hearing that you are infected with corona is of course annoying. So it’s important to respond to that. For example, by wishing someone a speedy recovery. Research showed that people did indeed appreciate this. Example CoronaCheck app. Even better than showing empathy in a negative situation is trying to avoid such a situation altogether. The user is here in the international model of the app. We indicate that you must use the international QR code abroad.

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