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Then share them below with the other readers. PS All links to books are affiliates.This will be a year for the history books. With corona and the worldwide protests against institutional racism, the Tiger King series (including accompanying memes and inhakers) seems Estonia Phone Number like an eternity ago. It is a time that brings a lot of uncertainty where we can sit down. And yet it seems to be a year of togetherness. How do brands deal with these moments? What were the best, nicest, most beautiful and funniest marketing campaigns and inhakers of the first half.

Also View A Predefined Report

Honda & Skoda The car market seems to be recovering as people are avoiding public transport. The ’empty roads’ have already been put in the spotlight by Nissan, but it was striking that two brands launched the same kind of campaign. One in which staying at home is central and working with a mini variant of the model. One gets a little more out of hand than the other, but the gist of the video is the same. As far as I’m concerned, the winner of these two commercials is definitely Skoda, which is a little more loose than the braver Honda. 9. Google Storytelling 2020 Before the world shut down, there was one big ‘old style’ sporting event. So with an audience and mega amounts that are deposited for a commercial.


A Predefined Report

The Super Bowl is the yearly event in the United States that is eagerly anticipated by marketers. A few commercials jumped out this year. So is the commercial of a man who, with the help of Google, tries to hold on to his memories of his wife. 8. Deaf – courage In the (first) peak of the pandemic, we saw it several times on social media: healthcare workers with stretch marks on their faces due to the masks/masks worn, etc. Dove gives these care workers an extra helping hand with the courage commercial. 7a. Ode to close – Heineken or back the bars We are going to try not to make this a corona list, but that will be difficult given the current world we live in. Yes, the catering industry was locked to not be allowed to get rid of it until June 1th.

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