You Can Download an Application Developed Exclusively

For many the star product of mcommerce. For online purchases. It is increasingly common to see how online businesses offer. This, type of application to facilitate the user experience and maximize their conversions. In the same  Sweden Phone Number List way that several years ago, buying online was little more than an unknown and uncertain adventure. You Can Download an Application Developed Exclusively.

Shopping, through mobile devices has been combined with transactions on desktop computers. Until, its use has increased percentage-wise. In 2019, the boom in purchases with mobile devices has skyrocketed and a greater increase. Is, expected for the coming years. Let’s see some numbers!

According to Statistics

There are 5.1 billion unique mobile users. Currently, on average 49% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Voice searches are a growing trend. 49% of consumers use mobile phones to shop. In 2018, mobile sales on cyber ​​monday generated more than 2 billion euros. Smartphones are the leading device to buy. By 2021 it is estimated that 54% of sales will be made through mobile devices. Despite these surprising data, today, mcommerce conversions are still below those made from desktop.

The checkout processes for mcommerce still need to be improved in many online stores to minimize the bounce rate. The user has to feel more comfortable and usability plays a very important role, as we will see later. Advantages and disadvantages of mcommerce compared to ecommerce we have made clear the differences between traditional and well-known e-commerce and the new mcommerce trend.

Things are very clear


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But, the time has come to assess what good and not so good mcommerce brings to ecommerce:-advantages m-commerce anywhere at this point there is no discussion, purchases through mobile devices offer immediacy and comfort. You can buy from anywhere and at any time of the day. This strengthens the time management of each user and allows freedom of decision.

Audience growth m-commerce is the present and will be the future. More and more people feel confident and familiar with online shopping. Statistics in mcommerce who does not like to analyze. The, data and statistics to confirm any fact? Next, we offer you the growth of m-commerce in numbers : the average time users spend online is 2,400 hours per year.

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