You Have To Start From

And, to prevent unpleasant situations on-site, we immediately inform you that you should check whether the QR code is valid in the destination country before departure. 2. Put your ego aside and ask for feedback We could of course say that we wrote all texts for Saudi Arabia Phone Number CoronaCheck and CoronaMelder on our own. But we were not alone in the empire. For example, everything designed and written for CoronaCheck was shared with a community. This was also discussed extensively within our development teams, consisting of all kinds of experts from different disciplines. From designers to developers, from researchers to privacy experts. As a UX writer, it is important to weigh all the input you receive.

To Start From

In government projects, it is extra important to ignore yourself every now and then. Precisely because everyone is watching and you do go ‘bare buttocks. As a writer, you naturally want to make your mark, but don’t do that too much. Sometimes you feel very strongly that you are right, but it is always good to hold this against others. So keep short lines with everything and everyone and collect as much input as possible. For example, also with stakeholders from the Policy and Legal departments. Because the theme is so topical and changes follow each other quickly, you have to be able to switch quickly. It’s all about the user, of course. And for the best end result.


To Be Quite Honest

At the same time, a compromise made up of 100 different opinions does not lead to the best end result. As a UX writer, it is important to weigh all the input you receive. And based on that, make the best possible decision. 3. Write accessible It is important to write comprehensibly and not too technical. That creates trust. But writing something easy is often more difficult than you think. So we wanted to word everything simple, but not too much jip-and-Hanneke language. Because if you word things too simply, it loses meaning. Use easy words and use universal colloquialisms as much as possible. Accessibility is also part of UX writing. So be well informed by, for example, accessibility specialists.

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