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We can manage and the characteristics of each one will help us decide where our company will appear. Content: it is not about replicating the same in each social network. But about adapting it according to its characteristics. Instagram. For example. Is a very visual network. So we Greece phone number recommend that you focus on a more explanatory image. Which may not be the same one we use on linkedin. Measure the results: it is important to establish some kpis to be able to check if your strategy is giving results. Not only do you want to attract visitors to your page or blog. But you also want to engage with your audience.

For this. Social networks are a good tool and it is that they allow us to reach users and engage in a more personalized conversation: answering questions. Complaints. Generating debate or asking for Greece phone number to improve your products. With this you will be able to retain the user. Getting them to enter more on your page and making them a prescriber. So that they recommend your brand to their acquaintances. Referral These visits can be achieved in different ways: Organically: it usually happens in well-known companies that have their own Wikipedia entry.

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With other web pages. Guest Blogging: collaboration with other blogs. Advertising actions: in the media. Viral actions: they can be both online and offline and have repercussions on your site. E-mail Greece phone number there are many detractors of this channel. It is still a widely used tool to send newsletters . Make promotions. Etc. It is necessary to segment your database in order to offer the most personalized proposals possible. You should take advantage of sending your newsletter to promote your content.

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Do branding and include social network buttons so that your subscribers can share the information with their contacts. These emails must provide valuable content. Even exclusive to subscribers. Paid Greece phone number the name suggests. They are paid visits . They are compatible with strategies in organic. Social channels. Etc. Some online advertising options to attract traffic to your website are Google Adwords or on social networks such as Facebook Ads. Twitter Ads or linkedin Ads.

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There are many possible campaigns. Depending on the theme. Aimed at specific pages. Remarketing or mobile applications. For example. Other All those campaigns that could not be registered or those that the company has decided to label as “Others” enter here. Keep in mind Greece phone number you should not only measure your web traffic or how visitors come to your blog. But also take into account where they come from in all your marketing actions. For example. Your campaigns. It will be very useful for you to take the appropriate measures to correct or reinforce your digital marketing strategy and to know where your buyer persona comes from.

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