From the perspective of epidemic prevention in English: confirmed cases, incubation period, isolation and quarantine, how do you say it in English?

The number of new cases of diabetes in. Taiwan is as high as 160,000 every year. The vast majority of which are type 2 diabetes. At present, in addition to oral hypoglycemic drugs. Insulin injection is still one of. The important methods in diabetes treatment. Which can help patients directly supplement. Insulin and help pancreas wheezing. However. according to the survey . only 12% of Chinese people with diabetes use insulin. Which is much lower than that in European and American countries. This episode “Enjoy Life” discusses the concepts and methods of diabetes treatment, and invited Dr. Liu Hanwen from the Department of Metabolism of Wanfang Hospital to share with us.

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KKBOX SoundOn Understand how insulin works Understand the benefits of injecting Panama Phone Number insulin IMG_3049 Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio In this episode “Enjoy Life”, Dr. Liu Hanwen, Department of Metabolism, Wanfang Hospital is invited to share. Physician Liu Hanwen from the Department of Metabolism. Wanfang Hospital pointed out: “The most important hormone in our body. To regulate blood sugar is insulin, and insulin is secreted by pancreatic beta cells. The core cause of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance and the lack of insulin secretion ability.

“For example, a unit of insulin can reduce

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blood sugar by 10 mg. Allowing the sugar in the blood to enter the cells. And be metabolized by the cells to store energy. But because of insulin resistance. A unit of insulin only reduces blood sugar by 5 mg. Which stimulates the secretion of beta cells. More insulin is released to bring blood sugar down. When the blood sugar has exceeded the level that the beta cells can handle. It is easy to fatigue after working hard for a long time, resulting in the decline of the beta cells.


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