You Think Outside the Content Marketing Box

He writes code day in and day out for a large company. He doesn’t consider himself a copywriter . He’s essentially just code, all the time. In fact, he uses content marketing every day. What John may lack in obvious marketing skills, he makes up for with a small list of ongoing projects. He spends hours of his spare time building small code snippets and software. He then made them available for free download on the popular code-sharing site GitHub. One day John woke up to hundreds of emails in his inbox – job offers, questions and positive feedback were all shouting at him through his still groggy eyelids.

How to Solve Problems and Create Profitable Opportunities

While the developers of the above John story are inspiring, it can be difficult to understand how it relates to you guys and your efforts – especially if you’re not a developer! With This in Mind Principle Is Divided Into Steps. Use this process to leverage content marketing to your advantage and develop your audience. Look UAE Phone Number List for the problem First, develop a list of problems that people you know struggle with. You can survey customers, run opinion polls or research your target market . But there is another tried and true approach pay attention to the problems you face every day. I know, you already have 50 questions in mind. It seems that we humans have a surprisingly efficient ability to complain.

Content Marketing Anyone Can Do

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John is just a typical developer before the morning e-mail happiness. However, over time and consistent results, prospects recognized him as a trusted resource for the business they wanted to do. By following this process time and time again, you will not only benefit everyone who cares about the problems you can solve, you will also gain loyal customers who believe in you. They will respect you, support you, and market your expertise and products for years for free. The best part of it all? Of course anyone in any industry can do this. You just need to start. If you found this article useful, you might also like how to decide what content to sell and what to give away for free .


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