Your App Must Meet Specific Ios Guidelines

Looking for the best app design companies? Find them here! How much does it cost to put an app on the App Store? When you join the Apple Developer Program to submit an app, you must pay the $99 annual fee which will give you access to: Submit Japan WhatsApp Number List apps to App Stores on all Apple platforms Create Safari extensions and list them in the Extensions Gallery Beta releases of Apple software Test tools like TestFlight Application analysis and advanced application capabilities To keep your iOS apps in the App Store, you’ll need to renew your subscription every year. Apple Developer Program [Source: Apple] Things to remember about how to download an app from the App Store Submitting your app to the App Store is not an easy task. Your App Must Meet Specific Ios Guidelines.

Your app must meet specific iOS guidelines and go through a review process that will approve or deny it. That’s why it’s important to follow the step-by-step process. You will need to make the necessary fixes before resubmitting it for review. You can contact Apple’s team through the App. Store Connect Resolution Center to escalate the issue or submit an appeal. The one-time fee for downloading an app from the App Store is $99 per year and you must renew your membership every year.

What if Apple rejects your app?

Apple undertakes careful review of new apps and has published the 11 most common issues that lead to rejection. Typically, 40% of submissions are rejected for failing to meet app completeness guidelines, which means apps either don’t provide accurate metadata or haven’t been previously tested for bugs. So, before submitting your app for review, make sure it’s up-to-date and complete with all the necessary information (description, screenshots, previews).

To avoid being denied by Apple, follow Apple’s Developer Guidelines and the steps above. Optimizing and ensuring your app is fully functional is the best way to avoid rejection. If you still happen to be shunned by Apple. Here are a few things you can do Review Reason.In a first phase, you need to visit the Resolution Center in iTunes Connect. For example, the reason may be the application crashing on launch. Apple also tells you the next steps to fix the problem.

Many People Have Already Encountered Similar Problems

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Fix the issue and resubmit. If the reason is clear and you’re only dealing with a minor issue. Like crash logs or adjusting icon sizes, simply fix the issue and resubmit your app. However, if you get a vague response from Apple and don’t fully understand the reason for the rejection, seek help online. Many people have already encountered similar problems and can provide you with an answer or a solution. Appeal their decision, if you think it was a mistake: If you think the reason for your refusal is strange or irrelevant, you can object to Apple’s decision.

For example, Sync Solution apps require users to sign in to access its functionality. In a first phase, Apple could refuse your submission on the clause indicating. But if you contact Apple and clearly explain your app’s functionality, they’ll rethink their position and give you the green light.

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