Your Leads And Show That You Know

Not all streamers always have time for this. Especially during important tournaments or challenging gameplay), which is why people are often called in to support the chat. Often these are friends or other streamers. It is of course not Cambodia Phone Number the intention that you as a website owner are in the chats of your website from early in the morning until late at night. But it is good to see what you can achieve by being more communicative. Answering questions is never a bad idea, but getting involved in social media reactions can also have a positive effect on customer engagement.

And Show That You Know

Setting up a live chat on the website can also ensure that more customers become visitors, precisely because of the interaction. Just like the streamers, make sure you have people who can take over the communication when you don’t have the time. Setting up communication channels is a good step, but then someone has to be there to answer. Otherwise, it will backfire. 6. Promotion: always on time, but never too early There is a lot of competition for any streamer. Tens of thousands of hours of content come online every day and a viewer usually only has one stream open at a time. Especially when there is a lot of interaction, with attractive content.


That You Know

That is why most streamers make an agenda so that the viewer knows exactly what is being streamed when. In addition, the better streamers always provide promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels (where the target group is located). This is always on time, but never too early. You can usually count on announcements between 24 and 48 hours in advance, with the exception of weekends. There is less time between the promotion and the actual stream because most viewers have more time on the weekend and switch between streams. This also applies to companies that are in the online domain.

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